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Getting Started

For all Users

Learn how to sign in, how to change your username or password, and how to set program visibility.


For all Forensic Program Users

Learn how to take a test and how to use groups and master groups.


For all Industry Program Users

Learn how to take a test and how to use groups.

Account Manager

For all users

Learn about the Account Manager features, how to add users and set permissions.


For all Users

Answers to known Questions


Common Troubleshooting Questions


Need to View or Print Data Entry Forms

This guide will help you view or print the data entry forms previously provided along with your shipped samples.

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The buttons on the Data Entry Form do not work. (The Form does not look normal)

This guide will show you a visual example of the Data Entry Form not properly loading. It is recommended that you DO NOT enter data when the Data Entry Form has not completely loaded.

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Not Receiving Emails

This guide reviews the common issues behind not receiving emails from the CTS Portal.

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Forensics Group Members not members of Forensics Master Group

If you created a Group and added users to the Group, then later created a Master Group and added the Group to the Master Group, your users do not automatically become members of the Master Group.

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Troubleshooting - Script Errors & Test Not Displayed

This guide will go over known script errors.  If you get a error message in Internet Explorer asking to "Stop running this script?", read the first portion of this guide.  The second portion, explains what to do if your test does not appear when you open the test in Internet Explorer.  

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