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How to Create & Manage a Master Group & Sub-Group(s)

This guide walks you through the complete steps of creating the Master Group and creating Sub-Groups for review, submission, or organizational purposes. 

[View PDF version of this Guide]

Start a Master Group

Click on "My Groups" on the left side of the page, under the "Data Entry" heading.

Then, click on "Start a Forensics Master Group" on the page that opens. 

Name Your Master Group 

Type in a user-defined Master Group name. In our example, we used "Master Group 1".

Click on the "Create Group" button. 

A message confirming the Group has been created will be displayed.

Adding a Sub-Group

Click on "Master Group Dashboard" listed under the Master Group.

Click on "Manage Group" on the Master Group Dashboard page. 

Click on "Add Group". It is located on the right hand side of the window and on the bottom of the page under Group Administration. 

To add a new group, type in a new group name in the appropriate space and click on the "Create Group" button.

To add an existing group, select the group from the drop down menu and click “Add Group”.

Note: It is recommended that sub-groups be created directly through the Master Group. If adding an existing group, additional steps may need to be taken to merge users into the Master Group. See this guide for further information ("Forensic Group Members not Members of Forensic Master Group").

You will receive a confirmation that the group has been created. 

Repeat these steps to create as many groups as needed for your lab.  


Adding Users to Sub-Groups

Adding Users to Sub-Groups follows the same instructions within the guide “How to Add Users to a Group or Join a Group”. The only difference is that you will see the Sub-Groups indented under the Master Group on your My Groups page. 

Note: Adding a user to any sub-group automatically adds them to the Master Group. Therefore, there is no need to add them to the Master Group separately.

Adding/Removing Users to/from the Master Group

You may have users that you want as part of your Master Group, but perform no data entry or review functions that would include them as members of the sub-groups. To Add or Remove a user from a Master Group follow the instructions within the guide “How to Add Users to a Group or Join a Group”. The only difference is that you will access the Add/Edit users section following the instructions below.

Click on "Master Group Dashboard" under your Master Group 

Click on “Manage Group” on the Dashboard page.

Click on the “Add/Edit Membership” located under the Users section of the Group Management page.

Note: Removing a user from the Master Group will delete the user from any Group associated with the Master Group. However, removing a user from a sub-group will not remove them from the Master Group or any other groups. To delete a user from all the sub-groups, delete them one time from the Master Group.