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How to Set Permissions for Lab Accounts

This guide discusses the types of permissions that can be provided to additional users to allow access to the expanded features of the CTS Portal Lab Account. 

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The Lab Account Owner (Primary Contact) can choose to share access to the expanded portal features through the setting of user specific permissions. The permissions available to be set are broken down into the following sections, detailed explanations are accessed by clicking the name of the permission type.

Lab Account PermissionsSet additional authorized users to manage the Lab Account 

Data Entry Module PermissionsProvide access to the Data Entry Library and preloaded testing codes

Report Module PermissionsProvide access to the Individual Report Library 

Enrollment Module PermissionsProvide access to Test Status, Order History, and Renew/Order Tests


Lab Account Owner Only Permissions

There are a few aspects of the expanded lab account permissions section that can only be accessed by the Lab Account Owner. The permission to view this information or perform these actions cannot be shared with any other users.

Data Entry Module Permissions - Lab Account Owner Only

The data entry module permissions page contains two control features that can only be accessed by the Lab Account Owner (Primary Contact). To view these, the Lab Account Owner needs to click on "Lab Account Management” to open the management page.  Then click on "Data Entry Module Permissions" in the Account Management section. 

The Data Entry Module Permissions page will open, the top of which is only seen by the Lab Account Owner.

In this section, the Lab Account Owner can choose the rules for claiming data entry, the default settings are shown below.  The first setting allows tests to be claimed by users for data entry through use of the Participant Code and Webcode provided by CTS as an attachment with the emailed shipping notification.  If you select “No”, tests can only be claimed or assigned by users who have access to the preloaded codes.  

The second setting will let you choose whether you want to receive an e-mail notification whenever a new user has been added to the lab account by claiming a test for data entry. Click on the circle next to the appropriate selection to make changes and click the Apply button. The Apply Button is located below the user list of permissions, you may need to scroll down the page to locate the button.


Unassign a Test (Forensics Only) - Lab Account Owner Only

If a test is claimed in error, the Lab Account Owner can unassign the test following the "How to Unassign a Test (Forensics Only)" walkthrough. This feature is available prior to the data due date for tests that have not been submitted within the Forensics Program. Industry Program users are encouraged to utilize the "How to Add a Cycle to Your Account and Claim for a Group" walkthrough to allow multiple users to access the same cycle.