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Overview of Lab Account Management

This guide explains how a Lab Account Owner (Primary Contact) can use the Lab Account Management feature.

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The Primary Contact for each laboratory will be assigned ownership of the CTS Portal Lab Account. This is the same person that samples ship to and reports are issued to.

An e-mail from CTS will be sent to each Lab Account Owner once the lab account is created by CTS, or when the Primary Contact changes. Any questions on the lab account creation or ownership should be directed to CTS.

Only the Lab Account Owner (Primary Contact) has default access to all portal features including:

Data Entry Library – Direct access to all current and past data entered on the portal.

Individual Report Library – All reports for the laboratory since 2014.

Order History – Test ordering information since 2014.

Renew/Order Tests – Renew/Order tests and review quotes.

Test Status – Cycle/Test schedule and shipment tracking information.

Preloaded Participant Codes/WebCodes – Claim or Assign a test without the Data Sheet.

The Lab Account Owner (Primary Contact) can grant access to these features to other users through the Lab Account Management feature on the portal. The following guides “How to Add Users to Lab Account” and “How to Set Permissions for Lab Accounts” will explain how to add a user to the lab account and how to adjust their permissions so that they may have access to the extended features as referenced above. 

 The lab Account Owner also has the ability to unassign a test which has either been claimed or assigned in error within the Forensics Program test offerings. The guide "How to Unassign a Test" provides the walkthrough for this action. Industry Program Lab Account Owners are encouraged to utilize the "How to Add a Cycle to Your Account and Claim for a Group" walk through to allow multiple users access to the same cycle.