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Learn how to take a test and how to use groups and master groups.


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Learn how to take a test and how to use groups.

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How to Enter Data

This guide walks you through entering data in the CTS Portal. For specific instructions on completing CTS testing in your laboratory, please refer to the Industry Program Testing Instructions, located within the CTS Portal Resource Center

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All your active cycles and tests will appear in the Active Data Entry section on the "My Data Entry" page.   

Data Entry is sorted by Cycle and Lab Code. Click the gray arrow on the far right hand corner to expand or minimize the cycle groups.  

Note:  Any test that is part of a group is marked by the following symbol next to the Cycle: 

If there is more than one test in a series, click on the arrow next to the test to display the drop down list of available tests in the series. 

To open the test you want to complete, click the "Open Test" button.

The test response form will open and the top of the page for all tests shows the following actions:

Help Link - will take you directly to the help guide.

Save - will save the tests but keep the test response form open.

Save & Close - will save the test, close the test response form, and return to the My Tests page.

Submit only this Test Series - will submit all tests within a test series (single or multiple tests) to CTS.  If you do not have permissions to submit a test, this will not be an available option.

Test Drop Down list (will only appear if there is more than one test in a series) - This drop down box allows the user to move to another test within the series without having to leave the entry form. 

Previous and Next links are also available at the bottom of the response form for navigation.

Each Test response form is different based on the test and type of test. Two examples are shown below.

Example of a Single Test Entry

Example of a Single Test within a Multi-Test Series

There are three basic ways to enter information:

Drop Down Lists - select the appropriate answer from the drop down list.

 Entry Boxes - key in the proper answer.

 Select Circles - click on the appropriate circle to select the appropriate answer.  The circle will be filled in once selected.

Within the results entry section of most response forms, an average has been generated at the bottom of the column of data. This will give you an average of the amounts in the column to help you double check and feel confident in your data entry.

Some programs require testing to occur over a series of weeks. For these programs, you will see each week on the same response form page. Complete responses for all weeks before submitting the test to CTS.

Once you are done with the test, you may click on "Save and Close" to close the test. To submit the tests, follow these guides: "How to Submit an Individual Test Series" or "How to Submit or Retract an Entire Cycle".