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How to Submit an Individual Test Series

This guide explains how to submit an individual test series to CTS.

[View PDF version of this Guide]

To Submit a Test:

To submit your test to CTS, open your test.  Click on the "Submit only this Test Series" button.

Note:  If there is more than one test in a series, all tests in the series will be submitted.  Do not submit a test in a series unless they are all complete. 

A confirmation page will open that lists the test(s) you are submitting. If there is more than one test, it will indicate the number of tests.

Click on the "Yes" button to complete the submission.  If you do not want to submit the test(s), click on the "No" button. 

Another confirmation page will open, indicating that the test has been received by CTS. The date and time of the submission will be included. You will receive a PDF copy of your submission via e-mail that also reflects the date and time of the submission. 

Click on the "tests" link to go back to the My Data Entry page.

The user who originally claimed the Cycle will receive an e-mail confirmation along with a PDF copy of the submission.

Your Submitted test(s) will no longer be listed under the Active Data Entry section.  They will be moved to the Submitted Data Entry section.

Note: While you can submit a test series independently from a cycle, you cannot retract it independently. If a submitted test needs to be modified, the retraction process will reactivate all tests previously submitted and they will all need to be resubmitted to be included in the final report.