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How to Set Permissions for Forensics Group Members

This guide explains how to set the permissions for each user of a forensics group.

Note: These instructions are for the Forensics Groups typically used for reviews, submission, or organizational reasons, the instructions on permissions for the Forensics Master Group are found here: “How to Set Permissions for Forensics Master Group Members”.

[View PDF version of this Guide]

Click on “My Groups”, then click on the “Review Dashboard” under the forensics group you would like to set permissions for.

Click on "Manage Group" on the right hand side of the screen of the Group Page. 

On the Group Management page, click on “Manage Permissions" under the Users section.

The Permission Management page will open, listing all users of the group. Users with manager permissions are under the "Group Managers" section. The remainder of the users are listed under the "Group Users" section.

All boxes with a check mark indicate that the user has permission for that activity.

Click on a box to either add a check mark or remove a check mark. Once all permissions are set, click on one of the "Apply" buttons. 

Actions available by setting permissions:

  • Submit Tests to Group for Review - allows user to forward their tests to the Review Dashboard.
  • Review Tests - allows user to claim a test within the Review Dashboard and perform the selected review actions.
  • Review Own Test – By default, a user cannot review their own test. This permission allows them to do so.
  • Edit Accreditation - allows user to edit the accreditation section of their own test(s) and allows a user with the “Review Tests” permission to edit the accreditation section of tests they are reviewing.
  • Submit Tests to CTS - allows user to submit their own test(s) to CTS and allows a user with the “Review Tests” permission to submit tests that they are reviewing to CTS.
  • Retract Own Tests from CTS - allows user to retract their own test(s) from CTS. A reviewer cannot retract tests from CTS for another user.
  • Invite Members to Group - allows user to add other users to the group and send invitation e-mails to them.
  • Manage - allows user to set permissions.
  • Receive E-mails Regarding This Group - allows user to receive all e-mails sent out for this group. The option for this permission is only available to users with the “Review Tests” or “Manage” permissions.

Note: The user who started a group is automatically set as Group Manager. This user has all the permissions. Users within a Forensics Group receive only the first permission “Submit Tests to Group for Review” by default. The remaining permissions must be specifically turned on by the Group Manager.