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Learn how to take a test and how to use groups.

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How to Start a Group for Forensic Programs

Note: These instructions should only be used if not using the Master Group Feature. If you are using the Master Group Feature, follow the instructions listed here: "How to Create & Manage a Master Group & Sub-Group(s)". Need help deciding? See this section of the Help guides for more information on the features of a Master Group ("How to Choose a Lab Setup").

A Group is started by a Group Manager. The Group Manager will then add users and set permissions for those users. A group allows users to submit tests to the group for review or final submission. The tests can then be reviewed by a manager or another designated member of the group. Permissions can be set to allow only certain users to be able to submit tests to CTS

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Sign onto the CTS Portal and click on "My Groups" on the left side of the page. Then, click on "Start a Forensics Group".

Type in a user-defined group name. In our example, we used "Tech Review 123". Click on the "Create Group" button.

A confirmation page will open and you can move directly to adding members through the link below the group name. This group will now be visible on your “My Groups” page.