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How to Add Users to a Group or Join a Group

There are two different ways to add users to the group. The first option is for the Group Manager to add new users. The second option is for an individual user to join the group themselves.

Note: If you are using a Forensics Master Group with Forensic Groups as sub-groups for organizational or review purposes, you will want to create that structure prior to adding users to the sub-groups following this guide. The guide for setting up a Master Group is located here: “How to Create & Manage a Master Group & Sub-Group(s)".

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Option One: Group Manager Adds a User(s) 

Click on "My Groups", then click on "Review Dashboard" under the Group that you want to add users to. 

Then click on "Manage Group" on the right hand side of the screen of the Group Page. 

On the Group Management page, click on “Add/Edit Membership" under the Users Section.

The Add/Edit Membership page will open.

In the Add Users section, type user e-mail addresses that you would like to invite into the box. You can add as many users as necessary. Enter each e-mail address on a separate line in the box. 

Once all users have been added, click on the "Invite User(s)" button. 

A message will be displayed indicating that the specified users have been invited to the group or a message indicating that the following users are not registered and have been sent an invitation. 

Each user will receive an e-mail. If the user is registered, they will receive an e-mail like the one shown below. The user should click on the link that is indicated by the arrow. 

The link will take the user to the CTS Portal where the user will see an option to accept or deny the invitation. To accept the invitation and join the group, click on the "Accept" button.

If a user is not registered, the user will receive an e-mail stating they have been invited to join a group and providing a link to register on the Portal.

The user must first click on the Portal hyperlink to register on the site. Once registration is complete, the second link provided in the invitation e-mail can be used to access the accept or deny screen as shown above. The user would then click on the "Accept" button to be added to the group. 

While waiting for a user to join a group, their information will be shown under the “Invites Awaiting Response” section of the Group Management page.

The invite can be resent or canceled by checking the appropriate box and clicking the “Apply” button.

Once the users have accepted the invitation, they will be shown on the bottom of the Add/Edit Membership window. 

Note: If you would like to delete a user, click on the box next to the user. This will add a checkmark next to the e-mail address. Click on the "Remove User(s)" button. The user will be deleted. 

Master Group Note: Removing a user from a Master Group will delete the user from any sub-group associated with the Master Group. However, removing a user from a Group will not remove them from the Master Group or any other groups. To delete a user from all the Groups, delete them one time from the Master Group.

Option Two: User Joins Group Themselves

A Group ID number is located to the right of the group name on the “My Groups” page. This is needed by a user to join the group. Give this Group ID number to any user(s) who should join the group. 

Each user will need to click on "My Groups", under the “Data Entry” heading on the left hand side, then click on "Join a group". 

The Group ID page will open requesting the Group ID number. Each user will type in the Group ID number, then click on the “Find Group” button. 

The Group will be displayed, along with a “Join” button. Each user must click on the "Join" button to join the group. 

The user will see a confirmation message displayed, and the steps to request to join the group are now complete.

The Group Manager now needs to accept each user by opening the Group Management page. Click on “My Groups”, then click on “Review Dashboard” under the group. Click on “Manage Group”.

The “User-Submitted Requests to Join Group” section will list all users who are awaiting permission to join the group. Click on the “Accept” button to allow the user(s) to join the group.